Goals for OP-1250 in Estrogen Receptor-Positive Cancer

OP-1250 is a novel investigational compound with combined activity as both an advanced complete estrogen receptor antagonist, (a next-generation CERAN), and a selective estrogen receptor degrader, or SERD.


Initial preclinical research showed that OP-1250 completely inactivates the estrogen receptor, strongly degrades estrogen receptors in all cell lines tested, and can shrink tumors in animal models of breast cancer.


Preclinical studies have also shown that OP-1250 is able to reach the central nervous system. OP-1250 has shown an ability to prolong survival in an animal model of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer brain metastases.


OP-1250 is currently being evaluated to treat recurrent, locally advanced, or metastatic estrogen receptor-positive/HER2-negative breast cancer.

Recent Publications

OP-1250 Updates

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