Challenging ourselves to improve the lives of others.

We exist to develop therapies that offer the potential to improve outcomes for women living with cancer. We approach these goals with a single-minded focus.

At Olema Oncology, we leverage our deep understanding of endocrine-driven cancers, nuclear receptors and mechanisms of acquired resistance with the goal of transforming the standard of care for women living with cancer by focusing on developing more convenient and effective therapies. Join us as we aim to design therapies for improving lives.

About Olema
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The Potential of OP-1250

Many forms and stages of cancer continue to elude control. Malignant cells adapt and exploit mutations and redundancies, so partial targeting leaves vulnerabilities. At Olema, we have no patience for incomplete efforts, so we’re developing OP-1250, a Complete Estrogen Receptor Antagonist, or CERAN, and a selective ER degrader, or SERD.

A love of challenging, important work.

We are a pragmatic team, driven to imagine and develop meaningful therapies for improving lives. We are looking for like minded individuals who seek to make a difference.

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